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Cooperation agreement
On October 26, within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Government of the Ryazan Region and the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, working meetings were held with the leadership of the Ryazan Region Development Corporation and the Ryazan Export Center.
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Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce strengthen...
Working together, researching, introducing new and improving the time-tested - this is the goal set by the Rus...
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Cooperation conference
The conference on cooperation and partnership between entrepreneurs and the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia and the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, designed to establish effective and long-term relations between enterprises of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Karelia, was held with great success on Thursday, October 7th.
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Agreements were reached on cooperation between RCS...
On September 9, a meeting of the Chairman of the RCHSTP with the head of the representative office of REC JSC...
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