Cooperation agreement

On October 26, within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Government of the Ryazan Region and the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, working meetings were held with the leadership of the Ryazan Region Development Corporation and the Ryazan Export Center.

On the part of the Russian-Czech Mixed Trade Chamber Chambers' meetings were attended by the Chairman of the RCHSTP Inga Pikhnovskaya, Member of the Board Mikhail Rostov, the Representative of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce in the Russian Federation Vladimir Sadofiev and Advisor to the Chairman of the RCHSTP Vladislav Kharkin.

investors Andrey Strizhevsky made a presentation of the investment potential of the Ryazan region, dwelling in detail on the benefits that investors receive when working with the region. Particular attention was paid to instrumentation and, in particular, the production of measuring instruments.

The issue of building the Ryazan industrial park in the suburbs of Ryazan was discussed in detail. and the opportunities and benefits that this project brings to investors.

Within a radius of 500 km from the location of the industrial park, 45 mln. human. Such large Russian companies as Yandex and Wildberries, as well as foreign companies with the participation of German, Chinese, Indian and Dutch capital, have confirmed their participation in the project.

Existing and under construction transport routes (federal highway M5, railway line, entrances) provide excellent logistic conditions.
The industrial park is fully provided with gas (100 thousand cubic meters per hour), electricity (86 MW), water supply and sewerage (up to 2000 cubic meters per day).

Cost lease and possible subsequent purchase of land plots are provided at extremely preferential rates.

The representative office of the Chamber in the Russian Federation is ready to provide support for the participation of Czech partners in this project.

Currently, out of 560 hectares allotted for an industrial park, 200 hectares remain unallocated. Work on the construction of communications and access roads is in full swing.

Sergey Shirokov & ndash; Deputy Head of the Ryazan Export Center - spoke about the programs that his organization is implementing. The attention of the meeting participants was attracted by the question of the relevance of the search for foreign partners for Ryazan companies. The parties discussed the procedure for posting information about investment projects on the INFOCO portal.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed on steps to further develop cooperation: intensifying work with companies interested in entering the markets of the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, participation The Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce in the programs implemented by the Ryazan Development Corporation and the Ryazan Export Center, the selection of Czech companies interested in participating in the project to launch the Ryazan Industrial Park.