Cooperation conference

The conference on cooperation and partnership between entrepreneurs and the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia and the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, designed to establish effective and long-term relations between enterprises of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Karelia, was held with great success on Thursday, October 7.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia Natalya Savenkova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia Alexey Tsvetkov, Head of the International Cooperation Department Ilya Dementyev, Leading Specialist of the Department, General Director of the Export Support Center of the Republic of Karelia Olga Zakharova and her deputy Anastasia Filina, as well as representatives of the region's leading enterprises: Karelian Granite Company, Russian Seaweed & ndash; Karelia, Stone Market, TK Horizon, Intour Leader, Goodwin and K, GENEL SMOKE and Freshberry. The Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce was represented by its Chairman Inga Pikhnovskaya, 1st Deputy Chairman Petr Milsky. The video conference was attended by the Representative of the Russian Consulate General in Brno, Attache Sofia Zhukova.

`` The main goal of the conference is the opportunity to establish stable partnerships between Czech and Karelian entrepreneurs in the fields of economy, investment, export-import, tourism and trade, - said Inga Pikhnovskaya. - Holding such a meeting with a pre-prepared agenda & mdash; this is a qualitative shift in our relations, the possibility of establishing a stable economic and investment partnership in various fields of industry and trade between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Karelia. At the conference, we presented what needs to be done to enter the European market as a whole, briefly informed about the needs and peculiarities of the Czech market, presented our services. ''

The list of services provided by the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce is very extensive. First of all, it is a search for potential partners, organization of meetings of interested parties, support of exporters when entering the market, certification of products, adaptation of proposals of Karelian companies to the requirements of Czech partners, and much more. Both the Czech and Karelian participants expressed great interest in the issues raised and agreed to sign an agreement on further cooperation in these areas.

Such meetings certainly help to build bridges for communication, cooperation and comprehensive integration with Russian enterprises and, most importantly, make it clear that we are moving forward and committed to building an effective, stable and sustainable economic union.