Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce strengthens ties
Work together, research, introduce new and improve the time-tested & ndash; This goal was set by the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce (RCHSTP) and the International Council for Economic Cooperation of the Regions (ISECD), which signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Moscow on September 23 this year.

The ISECD has vast experience in promoting and implementation of investment projects, programs and business initiatives in the Russian Federation and abroad, assisting in the creation of partnerships, in the development of interregional and international trade. In turn, the sphere of interests of the RCHSTP is the strengthening and development of business and cultural ties between the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic. & Nbsp;

The activities of both organizations are aimed at creating conditions for productive cooperation in industry and economy, to attract investment and establishing a dialogue between various participants in the process & ndash; scientists and entrepreneurs, government authorities and the business community in Russia and the Czech Republic, so the decision to join forces looks right and logical. & nbsp;

So, the goal is defined. What means of its implementation do MSECD and RCHSTP have? or for long-term work. & nbsp;

In addition, in the implementation of important projects and cooperation programs, the efforts of specialists from both organizations can be combined, which seriously increases the chances of success of any project.

Thus Thus, the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the MSECD and the RCHSTP is undoubtedly great news for the business communities of both countries and a new page in Russian-Czech economic relations.
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